Hawkeye has been providing low level infrared services for over a decade, using the proven FLIR Agema 510 and experienced technicians to carry out the demands of hot spot detection. Each Hawkeye Technician comes with an extensive fire suppression background, often received during their tenure at the various Ministries across Canada.

All our technicians go through an extensive certification process prior to being deployed to ensure they are providing the best product and service to the client. All technicians arrive onsite fully equipped to be self-sufficient. Upon completing a mission, our technicians are able to provide GPS coordinates of located hot spots and hard copy maps for dissemination. Upon request, our technicians are also able to mark hot spot locations using flagging tape


Quick Fact:

Did you know that Hawkeye has provided over 2200 hours of service to the MNRF over the last 12 years?

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