Built with the emergency response manager in mind, DAFS has outfitted a Cessna 337 with an EO/IR payload and satellite data transmission capabilities. The Cessna 337 was selected as it is the ideal observation platform that has great range and endurance in comparison to other aircraft in its class.

Our payload has been outfitted with the following features to enhance the data being provided to the client:

  • Object Tracking: Designate a moving object and the camera will follow the object
  • Geo-Locking: Designate a stationary object and the camera will remain on target
  • Real-Time Video Stabilization: Provides seamless data that is vibration free
  • Metadata Overlay: Giving the commander the necessary coordinate information instantly

Our payload is connected to a satellite transmission harness that allows for the data to be transmitted from the aircraft to any internet capable device in the world. This is invaluable in the Far North of Canada where cellular reception does not exist and road access is limited. DAFS is also capable of working with the client to provide lower cost local solutions for data transmission.

DAFS has also taken this system one step further by working with software vendors to allow for the rapid generation of georectified mosaics. So in addition to providing digital stills of requested areas, DAFS is also able to quickly generate georectified visual and thermal mosaics that can be imported into Google Earth or GIS based software.

This platform is ideal for:

  • Wildfire and Disaster Response Management
  • Wildlife surveys (Deer, Moose, ect…)
  • Corridor mapping (Transmission lines, Pipe lines, Railways, ect…)
  • Live event broadcasting