High Dispatch Reliability Result of Excellence in Maintenance

Our enhanced aircraft inspection and maintenance programs by highly skilled aircraft engineering personnel, ensure the highest level of reliability and safety. We provide on-site and mobile maintenance professionals, effective stores department and spare aircraft to ensure that the aircraft is ready when you are. As a result, our dispatch reliability exceeds 98%.

Our staff includes specialists in a variety of areas such as light maintenance, heavy maintenance,  engines, welding, and airframe/structure overhaul. However, our quick turnaround capabilities are more than just a matter of talent and resources. They are a matter of commitment to the client. When our aerial fire aircraft are assigned away from their home bases, we have aircraft to deliver aircraft engineers and parts to remote locations for rapid repair and in most cases have a substitute aircraft in place to ensure no gap in fire operations.   This unique combination of attitude and assets means we can ensure on time services for our client. 

Aircraft Maintenance Organization Certification

We have a certified Aircraft Maintenance organization and provide maintenance services to a variety of aircraft/customers across northern Ontario.