Safety First

Safety First Culture

Safety is a key part of our service and the thinking of our staff.  We operate with care and precision to ensure the utmost safety for our customer and personnel.  We have a well-established Safety Management System (SMS) with a full time SMS manager in place.  Safety planning and strategy is renewed annually to analyze data gathered during the quality assurance audits, hazard and occurrence reporting and trend monitoring to assess the SMS effectiveness and verify continuous improvement.  All personnel are trained in SMS, risk management and emergency response to ensure SAFETY is fully in place and effective in all things we do.

DAFS is committed to the health and safety of our staff and this is supported from the President down to the front line personnel.  Safety First is a cornerstone of all operations in the field, the air, the hangar, the office.

Continuous improvement is ongoing to achieve zero accidents and incidents across the organization and we “sweat the small stuff” to ensure we are proactive to prevent accidents/incidents before they might happen.  Risk management process is embedded in all the training and operations across DAFS.