Rockwell Twin Aero Commander 500 (AC50)

The Rockwell Aero Commander (AC50) is a versatile and stable high-winged twin piston-engine aircraft that is outstanding for the air attack coordination and transport missions. It cruises at approximately 170 mph. Standard configuration allows for mission with two pilots and seating for five additional passengers may be installed.  It was the first Air Force One aircraft.  It has a normal operating speed of 80 to 160 knots and an endurance of five to seven hours dependent on aircraft fuel tankage configuration that allows for an outstanding aerial platform over a wildfire to provide Airspace and Aircraft Management (Birddog) services in support of wildfire attack. In the fire management role it is primarily used as a Birddog, normally carrying a pilot and one or two Air Attack Officers. It normally goes out on 4 hour missions to provide air and ground fire attack coordination.  As a secondary role it is used for transport of personnel.  DAFS operates a fleet of 7 Aero Commanders.